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Web Design

netOptions based in Grand Rapids, MI will create a professional, economic and functional web site that presents you and your organization in the best possible light. We work with small and mid size companies, non-profit organizations and private individuals who want a professional presence on the Internet.

Whether you want a simple brochure or a complex database driven solution we have the experience to provide you with a guaranteed finished product.

Our web design services include:

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Content Management System (CMS) so you can update the content as often as you want.
  • Web application development
  • Logo design
  • SQL, MySQL database design and creation
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • ASP.Net

Types of web sites we create:

  • For individuals, small to mid size business and not-for-profit organizations
  • From a small one or two page online brochures to a complex database driven application
  • Ecommerce solutions from a simple Pay Pal ® button, to a Yahoo Store ®, or a complete custom ecommerce solution.
  • We also update existing web sites with a new look or add new features.

Some of the features we can add to your web site:

  • Blog
  • Email Newsletter
  • Interactive event calendar and registration
  • Live support web interface
  • Employer job board
  • User forum
  • Tech support ticket system
  • Full text site search
  • Many more features available...

Why use us?

  • We explain the choices available to you, in english
  • We provide cost effective solutions by researching the best products available to accomplish your needs (why re-invent the wheel)
  • Our philosophy is keep it simple. We design with results in mind, not how cool it is (we don't recommend using a flashy splash page)
  • Fast results, we won't leave you hanging
  • Experienced and skilled staff
  • You will own the web site and the code. After completion we will provide you with all documentation.
  • We can make your site easy to edit by making it Adobe Contribute compatable

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Web Site Management

Once your site is up we can help you keep it up to date or show you how to make changes for yourself. It's very important to keep your web site fresh so customers keep coming back.

We can also create a web site that is easier to maintain saving you significant time and money. Aslo, we can make your site easy to edit by making it Adobe Contribute compatable

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Online Marketing

Build it and they will come doesn't work on the Internet. You could have the greatest web site on earth, but if your customers do not know it's there they will not find you. First and foremost is search engine positioning. Getting your site in the right directories and the best search engines will get you a continuously growing traffic.

Once you get started we can get added traffic through online marketing. Now we are not talking SPAM here. We only use reputable resources. There are a lot of scams out there that can get your web site in serious trouble and waste a lot of money. We will guide you through the minefield and bring you useful customers in a cost effective manner.

Let us sit down with you and work out a plan. We will give you a heads up like no other company.

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